These are the Best Titles for Blog Posts and this is why..

How many times have you clicked on a blog post just because you were curious about that damn title? Well I decided to give it a try to crack it and come up with some basic formulas for you to use. These don't guarantee immediate success, but might be a good starting point to get some more eyeballs on your content.

After all it did make you come in and read this, right?


<compulsory element>
[optional element]
this | that = this or that 

Cosmo Headlines

Next time you see a Marketer buying a Cosmopolitan don't look so surprised!

Let us start with what I call "Cosmo headlines". For years writers and editors in beauty magazines have learnt the hard way what works and what doesn't by having to sell "a book" by its cover, thus titles being very important.

How to's

How To Change What You Find Attractive In 60 Seconds

Formula: How to <blog subject> [in|with <short amount of time|resources>]


7 Things You Can Do Right Now To Protect Your Vision

Formula: [The] <Number> <path|time|entity> to|that <blog subject> [in|with <short amount of time|resources>]

Other examples of path|time|entity nouns you can use in titles:

  • The 15 minute workout that..
  • 100 facts that ..
  • 50 ways to ...
  • 10 secrets to ...
  • The 7 Key trends to..
  • 6 choices that ...
  • 5 moves to ...
  • 3 things that ..
  • 2 tips that..


Men talk. Love, sex, break-ups and bad behaviour.

Be beautiful naked with the 14 day workout!

Sex in the office. Step away from the photocopier.

"My boyfriend didn't talk to me for 3 days".

George Clooney says: "I never had sex with a woman".

Formula: <statement|blog quote> .|:|with [blog subject]

Some interesting statements might be:

  • Be the best at ...
  • Become a ..
  • Start to ..
  • Deliver the fastest..
  • Never lose again in ..


Quiz.. do you fall in love too fast?

Megan Fox Naughty or Nice? You decide..

Are The Guts Of Your Cell Phone Hiding An Illegal Operation?

Formula: Ask a broad question that you address somehow in your blog subject.

Curiosity pitch

I am giving this one particular emphasis since it has been growing a lot online. The guys at upworthy use it particularly well.

"What guys hate for you to do in bed"

"Find out her secret attraction by..."

"This guy tried inviting this girl on a date, what happened next was totally unexpected"

"My family stopped eating sugar for one year and this is what happened"

"This Amazing Kid Just Died. What He Left Behind Is Wondtacular."

"His First 4 Sentences Are Interesting. The 5th Blew My Mind."

"Meet Tiffany. She Works For Walmart, And She’s Got Something To Tell You."

Formula: Imagine you are going to tell a family member or a friend a story. Think about how you would start, but just leave it hanging as if they need to say... "c'mon what happened next!".

Extra - Give it some "fluff"

Fluff words aren't particularly useful for anyone, but they do catch the readers attention/curiosity if you use them in the title. You can quickly come up with some interesting words just by going to the thesaurus and look for stuff like amazing.


In the end there are no formulas to be a truly creative copywriter. The only way to do it is testing, trying, reading, going back to the first.
There are people whose all job is "just" creating these appealing titles and interesting headlines that drive sales/views to the roof. Nevertheless, I hope I gave you some help to become inspired for your next blog post.

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