+Posts Ads

Google+ post ads started beta testing last December, but after 4 months they are now available for "everyone". You might ask why do I use quotes in "everyone". The answer is quite simple, to be able to use these ads you still need:

  • A Google+ profile (personal or business page).
  • At least 1000 followers.
  • A Google AdWords account or MCC umbrella account.

According to Toyota’s case study they saw their getting 50% higher engagement rate than the industry average for rich media ads. So curious about what will one of these ads look like? Here's an example:
google+ ad in autotrader page

Now to practice:

  1. Login to AdWords Account/MCC
  2. Click on the +Campaign button to create a new campaign.
  3. Choose Display Network Only.
  4. Select Engagement as the Campaign Type.
  5. Set devices, location, budget, bid, delivery, impression caps, etc..
  6. Create ad groups and select targeting types.
  7. Select the Google+ template.
  8. Select the post you want to promote.

Google+ template in adwords

Keep in mind that: "Comments from people will appear in your ad. Remember to moderate any social content that you promote as +Post ads". If you want you can disable comments and that will help you avoiding any mishaps.

Toyota Ad example showing comments, +1s and reshares

According to Google the current available release will allow you to promote:
1. Adhoc posts
2. Automatic post promotion
3. Hangout promotion

Although on Google Adwords even when selecting a page with more than 1000 users it seems (at the time this post was written) it was only possible to pick one or more Adhoc posts to promote.

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