Google Adwords Innovations - An Adwords Pivot Table

After Google teased everyone for its Adwords Innovations Livestream for more than a month, yesterday Jerry Dischler, VP of product management and Paul Feng product lead announced Google Adwords' newest features...and the "new surprises are" three:

innovative ad formats, insightful reporting and intelligent tools

Innovative Ad Formats (mobile focus)

From what Jerry said Mobile will apps will be able to advertise cross campaign type (video+display+search). I am still not sure if this one new ad format type that encompasses the three networks, but Google did state their aiming at:

1.(Better discovery): "On YouTube, we’re enabling app installs as an enhancement to the current TrueView offering". 

2.(Easier re-engagement): "A new app re-engagement campaign type in AdWords for both search and display so that consumers can be taken directly into already-installed apps." 

3.(Measurement): "In AdWords you’ll soon be able to measure conversions across the entire lifecycle of the app - from install to re-engagement to in-app purchases."

Point (2) was already possible by using mobile app extensions once the app was installed, but maybe they are going to do it in a more integrated way?
Point (3) was explained in a vague way so I would expect a deeper integration (new sets of columns?) between usage/install data and Google Adwords.


Google released in October last year total conversion (cross device) estimates, so that you can track better your conversions. In yesterday's livestream they said that with the feedback they obtained they plan to extend it (as expected from their initial release) to "store visits" and phone calls, which basically means more fat conversion data available giving you a better understanding of the influence/cost of each individual channel.

online, cross-device, in-store, phone

New Tools

Finally, new tools, and this was the part people were a bit more excited on the live chat. Google Adwords is bringing one new thing, and 3 "facelifts":
1. (facelift) More bulk actions: This was already available for some keyword level actions like bids, but will soon allow bulk campaign changes, namely Geo (location) and Ad delivery/rotation changes.
2. (facelift) Automated bidding: After automatic/flexible bids (on position, CPA, ECPC, ROAS) they will leverage on their recent development of Total Conversions (see Measurement above) and enable automatic bidding based on those:

automated total conversion bidding

  1. (new) New "Google Adwords pivot table": This was the most exciting thing they showed since it seem to be a clean interface to create reports/charts and avoid downloading campaign data and playing with it in Excel everyday. According to them this will be with non sampled/live data so this will be an evolution compared to Google Analytics custom reports.

adwords pivot table drag data to the table

  1. (facelift) Google Adwords experiments: Also gets a new look and new functionalities: "for you to prepare ideas for your campaigns, see what they’ll look like, and then run tests with live traffic as an experimental trial. You can experiment with almost anything in your campaign, including bid changes, new keywords, different campaign settings, special bids for times and locations, different kinds of ad formats, and more."

In the end, Jerry said it will take a few months to roll-out but soon enough everyone will get access to all these features.

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