Google Analytics Notifications (beta)

After releasing Google Adwords notifications Google has now started a beta release for its Google Analytics platform.

You can apply for the beta (see below link) to start getting notifications about : "Missing or malformed analytics tags, filters with conflicts, looking for the presence of (other) entries in reports".

google analytics notifications:

google analytics notifications bell

This change exactly 2 months after Google Adwords unifies alerts/notifications in the same look and feel of Google+ and Youtube, Gmail, Drive, etc...

google adwords notifications:

google adwords notifications bell

google+ notifications:

google+ notifications bell

youtube notifications:

youtube notifications bell

Since last year Google has definitely started a new era where it seems decided to shake things up again like in the beginning. Early last year organic keywords started to become the scary (not provided), Paid SERPs visuals changed and a new UI design emerged.

I think we should expect Google Webmaster Tools' messages to become something similar in the future, as well as other similar Google services.

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