Google Analytics Diagnostics Beta

Last April I wrote a blog post about Google Analytics integrating announcements cross the board, including in the Analytics platform, last week I got whitelisted to start testing the beta (see link below if you want to apply).

Hello, Google Analytics users.

Thanks for signing up to try an exciting new beta feature called diagnostics; you have now been whitelisted. Diagnostics is a feature designed to detect data quality problems, notify you that problems may exist, and help you fix the issues. Please note you will only see diagnostic messages when logging in with the email address and into the Analytics account you requested to be whitelisted. If you don't see diagnostics for your account, you can request additional GA accounts and email addresses be whitelisted via (...) .  Please share any feedback you have at: (...) .

The beta test

As soon as I got in one of my accounts I immediately saw a little yellow warning (which gave me a sweet and sour sensation about the feature immediately). Afterwards I noticed that econsultancy also got a surprise when testing the diagnostics tool.

Basically it was a goal that hasn't been converting, hence Google Analytics assumed that it could be an issue (fair enough).

It immediately allowed me to:

  1. Adjust the goal setting (or turn-off the goal)
  2. Re-check (maybe after you adjust something)
  3. Ignore it (if I am aware of why this might be happening for instance).
  4. Get more details (for which dates is this happening, and potential solutions)

google analytics diagnostics beta UI

Once you click details you get an extra option (Learn More) that takes you to google support with typical issues and potencial solutions.

google analytics diagnostics beta learn more

The experience so far was pretty smooth. So I decided to look at other old/dated accounts to see what other diagnostics analytics does.

These are the ones I found about:

  • [Red] No Hits
  • [Red] Missing Tracking Code
  • [??] Malformed Tracking Code
  • [Yellow] Missing E-Commerce Data
  • [Yellow] Bad Event Tracking Code
  • [Yellow] Goal Conversion Irregularities
  • [Yellow] Clicks and Visits Discrepancies
  • [Yellow] No Goal Conversions
  • [??] Filter Conflict
  • [??] Other entries in Reports

Overall so far it has been a good experience, so I will keep an eye on it and keep you posted on any new developments.

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