Gmail display ads and retargeting in 3 steps

In the beginning of the year Adwords started gmail sponsored promotions. Although in most display campaigns you target by a keyword, topic, website placement or a combination of these, with gmail as a placement you will reach your customer several times a day in a premium space, where they are looking to every single line.

1.Create a Display Campaign

Use all features or remarketing for optimized results. You can skip this step and use a previous existing campaign for non-optimized results.

My Brand - Display - Gmail Specific campaign

2.Create an adgroup

Select "Use a different targeting method" and in the drop-down menu select "Placements"
Select a targetting method placements

3.Click the "Add multiple placements at once"

Type in the text box for righthandside ads
Type,Top center for the section right above Gmail messages. Click Add and Save (exclude from your other Display Network campaigns)
Add multiple placement at once box with each placement on a different line

For further improvements:

  1. Separate inbox placements from righthandside ads in two adgroups to better monitor performance and creatives.
  2. Add additional keywords (like competitors, complementary services)

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