Adwords upgrades video campaigns

The Adwords video upgrade announced middle last month on the Adwords blog is now being pushed to all users. What might be considered an overall revision for consistency purposes delivers little, but interesting changes that might help to increase overall usage of video ads.

The upgrade will follow what was already common in display and search adwords campaigns: network settings on campaign level, placements associated to campaign network (think display placements vs search results placement). Although this upgrade won't affect your current bids or historical performance, you might see different results after the 15th May when all video campaigns will be upgraded.

After the 15th May when all video campaigns will be upgraded

The overarching hypothesis here might be that by reducing the choices in ad formats, targeting and placements video ads configuration becomes more simple, hence easier to use. The successful standardised format to which Google has made us used to in display and search ads will help lowering the entry barrier to video ads and might make this space a bit more competitive.

More Details on the upgrade:

description of google updates to video upgrade

source: Google

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