Adwords Negative Keywords

Added broad match modifier keywords and they print too much, added exact and they print to little, considered playing with phrase...and thought about changing jobs? Negative keywords to the rescue!!
In reality negative keywords are an amazing way of saving money when you are starting your new adwords' campaigns and are looking for people actually interested in your product, not searching what it means, tastes like or variations of that with Japanese porn. Make the best of your limited funds and go leaner with some of these lists I have compiled during the years.

What are negative keywords

If you understand the concept of Google Adwords you know you marketing campaigns target users using keywords from their searches. Depending on what they type they will see an ad. Negatives are an additional feature that Google provides to increase performance and decrease waste. These are keywords that cannot be present in the users search query. This is particularly useful if you are using keywords that emcompass a big range of other keywords (broad match or broad match modifier types). This got you more confused? Still have questions? See if the examples in the table below help.

Adwords match types explained

How to start using negative keywords
Keyword details

Check out your selected/all match queries of broad match or broad match modifier keywords by clicking a keyword and selecting details.
Adwords keyword details

Finding wrong geographies / search terms

You can find geographies you want to remove using negative, this way you get more granular geolocation targeting at adgroup level.

Adwords dimensions geographies

And is also an alternative to see search term details.
See all search terms

Use generic negatives/shared keyword lists

You can use the technics above together with with some of these lists I have compiled during the years over different websites and accounts.

Shared keyword lists on adwords

Discounts List:

free coupon promocode bargain cheap clearance close out close outs closeout closeouts discount discounted free inexpensive liquidation odd lots overstock remainder remainders price prices pricing quote quotes

Adult content List

nude naked sex porn porno orn porno x-rated xxx nude naked chicks sex anime kinky personals casual encounters

Generic List

torrent torrents youtube craigslist ebay kijiji

Exclude B2B List

business businesses enterprise enterprises corporate small business SMB company companies B2B b2b business to business business-to-business

For eCommerce Business List:

review reviews rating ratings opinion opinions article articles information info pics picture pictures photo photos how to how do i

Researchers List

about definition diagram example examples history map maps sample samples what are what i book books case studies case study guide guides journal journals magazine magazines metrics news research review reviews statistics stats success stories success story tutorial tutorials white paper white papers

Do it yourself List:

craft crafts create creating hand made handmade home homemade how can how does how to make making when can when i where can

Students List:

class classes college colleges course courses education school schools training universities university

Careers List:

job jobs career careers opportunity opportunities opening openings hire hiring new hires job opening job openings employment employer employers full time part time resume resumes CV curriculum vitae salary salaries intern interns internship internships recruiter recruiters recruiting recruitment occupation occupations looking for work work

Travel List:

about advisory apartment architecture article articles association associations bank blog blogs book books bulletin bulletins case studies case study certification channel class classes club clubs college colleges condo conference conferences council councils county court course courses data dating define definition diagram education example examples FAQ festival forum forums foundations guide guides history homes image images info information institute institutes jobs journal journals learn about library logo logos magazine magazines map maps meaning of metrics music music video news newsletter newsletters newspaper newspapers nursing photo photograph photographs photos picture pictures police program programs real estate report reports research resource resources review reviews ringtones sample samples school schools seminar seminars sisterhood statistics stats success stories success story theories theory trail training tutorial tutorials universities university warped tour weather what are what is white paper white papers wiki wikipedia workshop workshops

Others List:

concept curriculum course definition dictionary phase photographs photos idea image pictures game games kit market and that which is what is meaning means graduate postgraduate graduate profession professions proposal recruitment technical university used video wiki legislation

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